We are a nongovernmental, non-profit organization that works for a better reality for women and girls in Albania

ORKIDEA ALBANIA ORGANIZATION is established since 2010 as a non-governmental organization in Albania. The mission is the empowerment of women’s and citizens rights in Albania. ORKIDEA ALBANIA ORGANIZATION works in close cooperation with Rete Donne Lavoro – Italy sicnce 2010.

The organization has learned and has been grown up from the great experience that Rete Donne Lavoro Italy has in the area of woman empowrment. Joint program implementation and exchange between two organizations served to empower the Orkidea staff proffessionaly and personaly. Main pillars are: empowerment socio and economical of women, advocacy toward local government and community for practice change and dialogue improvement, know how transferring, positive practices and methods for active participation and education of young people and communities. Main beneficiaries are women, young girls/boys, professionals and governmental representatives in national and local level and local media.

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