Made In Prison Albania

Production and sales of products "Made in Prison Albania"

Organization of Training Courses

In order to increase the professional capacities of municipal representatives, community and police authorities at the commune level

Awareness of community via "Door to Door" activity

Awareness-raising "Door to Door" community-based community policing in the municipalities Dajt, Vaqarr and Krrabë Tiranë on community policing.


Featured Projects

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Made in prison

Activities:1. Start up "Made in prisons" to sell on line products of women/girls in conflict with the law; 2. Promotion of social media and on line communication cost. 3. On the Job mentoring for "handcraft lab" and agriculture produced by women/girls in prison; 4. Preparation of handcraft & agriculture practical guide. 5. Delivery services of "Made in prisons" products; 6. Open Event within prison with all stakeholders and small/medium business; 7. Advocacy initiatives to promote "Made in prisons" at regional and national level

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Evaluation of services/ policies/legislation on the rights of women and young girls and gender issues in Albania

Activities:1. Preparation of the evaluation study about the services/ policies/legislation; 2. Organizing the workshops and seminars in local level for evaluate the services and referring system

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Gender Education in Albania

1. Preparation of the Manual for gender education in pre-university school cycle and university cysle; 2. Preparation of the Manual for youth from youth for gender equality; 3. Organizing the awareness activities in schools Tirana, Vlora, Durresi, Fieri, Shkodra for gender education; 4. Organizing the Training Course with parents, teachers educators, social worker and psychologists for gender education

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Establishment and functioning of the “Sportel of empowerment of women and young girls in Tirana

ORKIDEA ALBANIA ORGANIZATION is offering services “Sportel empowerment of women and young girls in Tirana in cooperation with Tirana Municipality Unit No1. Since 2011 this sportel has offered services about 100 girls and women in Tirana. Sportello for women in Tirana aims to improve the quality of life for women and girls of the capital city through the provision of capacity and skills assessment services, psycho-social counseling, case reference orientation for personal empowerment, job opportunities, etc

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